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Writers of the Future Honorable Mention

Yay me!

At first I had to wonder how many entries they get each quarter and whether this was akin to getting a ribbon for your 5th Science Fair just for successfully schlepping posterboard and a dead frog to the gym. But as it turns out, it's not such a bad thing after all. Karen Joy Fowler shared with me that her first award was this very same one. And I can think of a lot worse career paths to follow than hers.

What this means for the story, though, is that it won't get published in the WotF anthology. Which means I'm still sending it out. Interestingly, this was the story that got me into Clarion, so I know for a fact that it's a decent story. It shouldn't be too long before someone picks it up. And makes a big budget science fiction action adventure out of it. I understand that's the way it works.

I checked back at the WotF blog and judging from the sheer number of Honorable Mentions that were getting posted, I went back to thinking about frogs in formaldehyde again. But then I came across this bit of business:

Is there any way we can put these results into context? That is, how many total entries were there? How many received Honorable Mention status? How many received Semi-Finalist status...etc. Is this information being made available elsewhere or sometime in the future?

Sorry for the naggy questions.


And thank YOU, KP, because this is exactly what I was wondering, too.

Here's the response:

Dear KP,

Here is the breakdown for you and those who don't know:

We don't give out the number of entries. It scares people.

Honorable Mentions are between 5 and 15 percent each quarter. It depends on how many good stories there were.

There is no set number on semi-finalists either but it is approximately 8 to 12 per quarter.

There are 8 finalists always. Those are the stories that get sent to the quarterly judges and the 3 winners are chosen from the 8 finalists.

Hope that puts it in perspective for you.
Joni Labaqui

Indeed it did, Joni. And thank you, too, if you stumble across this post.

Ok, I feel good about myself again. (That's the crappy thing about writing. I'm so darn fragile!)
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